This is the research blog of Matt Hill, a postdoctoral fellow at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

My research is primarily focused on terrestrial arthropods, such as insects and mites, and how they interact with their environments (niche theory). My research is performed using multiple techniques, such as species distribution modelling, ecophysiological studies and population genetics. I am particularly interested in how these different lines of inquiry may intersect to address important questions in ecology and evolutionary biology. I especially focus on questions relating to biological invasion and climate change and how these relate to both conservation of biodiversity and food security into the future.

I also intend to use this blog to post new papers in the field of species distribution modelling that present new methods or interesting applications. This will help collate useful advances in the rapidly expanding field and allow for discussion of different methods.

You can access my recent papers, talk slides and datasets through my impactstory account:


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