Research update #1

Now that the Insect Invasion Workshop is over and I’m back from holidays, I made myself a deal to try and blog a little bit in 2015.

To start off with I’m going to attempt to write a few lines every so often as a personal record for me to keep track of my work.

This week I finished off some figures ahead of the final proofs for a paper just accepted at Journal of Biogeography. Its on the distributions of two alpine moth species in Australia using Boosted Regression Trees.

Secondly I’ve been working on the final paper from my PhD (a couple years old now!) looking at population genetics for an invasive mite species that comes from South Africa and is a major pest in Australia. We’re looking to submit this in the next few weeks – all the (additional) data is there and the story has come together well. There is a spatial element to this, and some other nice surprises!

My priority in the last couple of days has been to write up some work I did on nematode physiology. It should make a nice short communications somewhere and lead on to future experiments.


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